Saturday, April 24, 2010

once upon a time

there lived a girl whose writings detailing the changing sky with it's beautiful colors and textures flitting about filled pages and pages. These movements of cloud and color, birds drifting together, all were caught in her breath and trapped in her soul to be remembered. A tribute to the beauty in the vastness of the sky and world but also the lonliness held within it. She desired most of all to share this raw and passionate love of art with her one true love. Yet for years her search answered only in heartbreak. Heartbreak sending fireworks of pain deep within her until a night to remember. Fireworks of July Fourth greets her with a chance meeting...
This man, his essence is art, his passion in music. Scraps of paper scribbled with lyrics of clouds, sunsets, and summers scatter the room. He searches to share an europhic bond held between music and his one true love that he can be completely himself with.