Friday, November 19, 2010

dream baby dream, coming soon!

Yes you heard right, joy and revolution loves SUICIDE.
We are going to cover a few of their tracks with a spin of course.
look for this soon on bandcamp, and yes it will be free download! says....

There’s something strangely scary and relaxing about doing nothing. Sitting on your couch, staring forward into a white wall, seeing vague imaginations dance in front of you. Your mind seems to be both silent and racing, quietly racing faster and faster to an unknown destination. But the destination doesn’t even necessarily matter, it never really matters. Enter Joy and Revolution. Now the whole beachwave/dreamwave movement has recently built up some more attention, particularly with acts like Beach House and Broadcast leading the way. Yet with such an expansive sound, it left the door wide open for acts to follow, providing their own spin on a format far beyond thought. Rather, it is far more about emotion, about turning inward and decide for yourself what it means. Now I am almost positive some people will be reading this, say I’m full of BS, and walk away from this article without even the slightest preconceived notion of listening to an act that is so vague in conception. It’s true that Joy and Revolution is rough, dull on the edges yet what makes it work is it’s delinquent, astral qualities. Take Love is Kind off their latest ep release, but of course, Love is Kind. With it’s haunting organs and equally haunting, fading, singing, it is far from boring, rather it builds and builds with thunderous bass groaning during the chorus and just as fast as it appeared, it is gone again. So put it on, sit down, and fade out: think of something happy. It may just be the vacation you needed after all.

Download Joy and Revolution’s track “dont ask me why” here, its from their upcoming LP entilted “Gems all Around Me” which will be released sometime in December. It looks like they got a SUICIDE cover album in the works also, look for that to be released sometime in the near future too.

- Cliff Drake

all around me LP coming dec. 2010

'dont ask me why' is the first single from the upcoming lp.
listen to the single on bandcamp.