Thursday, May 5, 2011

'1 2 3 just kiss me' song review

When the concept of Suicide Acolytes come up, the spectre of A.R.E. Weapons lingers; my cortex flickering with fond memories of ‘swearing is cool!’ rich kids playing ‘street gang’ dress-ups. Joy and Revolution are Suicide Acolytes of a sweeter stripe; sounding like stoned, short-circuiting androids as they descend into a mechanical fug of hazed out drum-machine flickers, spasms of deflated synth, and babbled incantations repeated, ad nauseum, in search of the eternal. “1 2 3 Just Kiss Me” is barely past two minutes long, but Joy and Revolution could jam on this forever; their mantra’s brainless meditation on the sexting era the hook that clears your head, and takes the turn towards transcendence.

Author: anthony.

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